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We are a group dedicated to the improvement of the society and the quality of life of the people through the management and management of waste and waste generated by humans.

Sanitation Line

Using chemical and biological products (bacteria and biosides) of the highest quality and standards nationally and internationally, we offer a unique and adequate solution for the continuous and permanent sanitation of your facilities. Whether for the management of waste and waste in restaurants, health institutions, food production plants and other products, service stations, stadiums, among others, we have the right product for each place according to their environment, climate, hygienic conditions and population density.


We have and offer the necessary products for the initial treatment of all types of discharges (temporary and / or permanent installations) that comply with current national regulations and international standards. In order to finally dispose of the discharges in the respective treatment plants, we offer the first solution so that the initial treatment that allows them to be received later can be applied to the vertimientos if they generate damages or negative impacts to the environment.

Portable sanitation

In terms of portable sanitation, we are the first manufacturers in Colombia that produce highly competitive portable bathrooms internationally, designed to meet different needs: civil infrastructure projects, events, health and natural emergencies, among others. Using chemical and biological products (bacteria and biocides) of the highest quality and worldwide standards, We offer a unique and suitable solution for continuous and permanent sanitation.


Water, our most precious resource, is also our greatest obsession and its production, conservation and saving are our guiding principles. Therefore, in addition to offering environmentally friendly and sustainable products, we are linked to the study and conservation of the páramos, fragile and scarce ecosystems, the only natural water factories that we have the immense fortune to have in our country. Through the conservation of the páramos and the ecosystem they represent, we can ensure an increase in the water inventory.


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About us

We are a group dedicated to the improvement of society and the quality of life of people through the management and management of waste and waste generated by humans.

Portable sanitation

We are the # 1 manufacturer of portable plastic toilets in Colombia. Our processes of design, engineering, manufacturing and quality inspection, are rigorously controlled using international standards. Our portable toilets are designed to meet different needs of use in: road construction, civil infrastructure projects, concerts, outdoor sporting events, sanitary and natural emergencies and any other kind of mass events, between others.


29 Aug

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