We are the number one manufacturer of portable toilets and sanitary solutions in Colombia.


We are a Company dedicated to the enhancement of the society and the increasing of the quality of life of human beings by working on the management of human generated residues.


We are the first manufacturers in Colombia producing portable toilets and hand washing stations, internationally competitive, design and adaptable for different necessities: infrastructure projects, social and cultural events, sanitary, environmental and health emergencies, among others.


Water is our most precious resource and it has also become our obsession. We live by the principles of saving and conserving water.


With that in mind, we not only work with environmental friendly products, but we are also committed with the paramo ecosystem, which although fragile and scarse are the natures water factory which we are fortunate to have in our country.


Through the conservancy of paramos, we can assure water for our cities and communities.

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